MnMo's "Best of the Cities" issue on newsstands


If you pay attention to such things, you start to see the "same old same old" quality about any "Best Of" list, and while MnMo's "Best of the Cities" issue names some of the usual (though well-deserved) suspects -- La Belle Vie, Meritage, etc. -- in the dining portion of the article, it also brings forth some more off-the-beaten-path names and information. We'll leave it to you to dig up the details (check out MnMo's teaser).

We will say this though: Our favorite thing, hands down, about the "Dine" portion of the article is that, of 15 main categories, two of them involve doughnuts. This. Is. Awesome. Thanks, MnMo! You make Homer proud. Also, note: There are foodie gems (Best Happy Hour, Best Cooking Classes) tucked into other sections of the feature as well.