MnMo asks: What's your pizza personality?


"The question isn't who has the best pizza--it's who has the pizza that best fits your personality," says the cover article of Minnesota Monthly's July issue (with a big 'ol pizza smacked on it). The article includes a great, totally indulgent Myers Briggs-like quiz to determine your "pizza personality," one of 16 different four-lettered "types."

The types overlap some (like, what's the difference between "The Practical Traveler" and "The Observer" for instance?) but this is piddly and doesn't take away from the fun. Everyone likes to be told who and what and how they are, after all.

Semi-embarrassingly, I got ITCS ("Italy," "Tradition," "Cerebral," "Iconoclast"), "The Perfectionist," which apparently means I'm some sort of pizza Nazi who refuses to eat anything but Punch. This is kind of funny, because if I'm any type of pizza Nazi, I'm the type who proselytizes against Punch.

Oh, I'll eat it (and eat it and eat it), but at the end of the day I prefer to be able to pick up and manhandle my pizza -- don't you? I'm with Alan Richman -- Neapolitan is just too runny. Let us know your type, Hot Dishers!