MN Nice Cream just started slingin' sparkly soft serve in Northeast


Glitter! Photos by Emily Cassel

"Only the Instagrammers know about us right now," Katie Romanski says, handing over our glitter-dusted, Fruity Pebble-crested cone with a conspiratorial smile.

That's not entirely untrue: MN Nice Cream's over-the-top sweets are all over social media, and have been since the soft serve truck first hit the road back in 2016. But -- sorry Katie -- we're about to blow up your spot. No longer just a truck, MN Nice Cream Cafe is now up and running at a brick-and-mortar space in northeast Minneapolis. (Besides, it can't really be an Instagram-only secret -- the cafe sold out of ice cream entirely during its grand opening this weekend, and there's no way all those hungry folks were #foodstagrammers. (Is there?))

MN Nice Cream Cafe is located in the former home of the recently shuttered Empire Coffee on Broadway. It's just a courtyard away from Able Seedhouse + Brewery, so it'll be there for you when you've had a few and get a little hungry -- or even a lot hungry, because they're not just selling the sparkly sugar bombs that made the food truck famous. Romanski explains that zoning on the space meant they had to serve food too, so they're pressing paninis and selling soups, salads, and smoothies in addition to hot and cold coffee drinks.

And for the record, because you know you're going to take photos of your swirling soft serve, the space is pretty Instagram-friendly. Just look at this!

And this!

And also this!

There's that courtyard, by the way, which is pretty... nice. And there's more good news on the way there, too: Romanski tells us she has a burrito truck in the works, which should be ready by about May. It's called Bad Boi Burritos, and it sounds awesome.

"When that garage door goes up in the summer, it's gonna be super perfect," the ice cream queen says, still smiling.

Now we just need summer to hurry up and get here.

MN Nice Cream
807 Broadway St. NE #102, Minneapolis