MJ butter sculpture: The backlash begins

We blogged last week on the Iowa State Fair's decision to commemorate Michael Jackson in butter this year. Apparently, the news didn't go over so well with everyone. "We've had a lot of feedback, mostly negative," the fair's general manager reportedly told AFP.

So they're putting it to a vote. AFP writes:

"[T]hose whose blood is curdling over the idea and those who think Jackson should feature in the refrigerated room in Iowa alongside an astronaut, an American flag, 'a buttery rendition of the surface of the moon' and this year's featured cow, a Jersey, can vote online at iowastatefair.org."

Meanwhile, protestors persist. Facebook has at least four groups against Jackson's buttery likeness, one of which is a petition -- with close to 1,000 "members" -- behind the idea of trading Jackson for a recently slain Iowa high school football coach.

You can vote until 3 p.m. this Thursday, July 16.

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