Mississippi Mushrooms launches Kickstarter to expand fungi operations [VIDEO]


Growing produce can prove quite a challenge in Minnesota, but local urban farm Mississippi Mushrooms is up to it. In fact, they're expanding. 

Using the increasingly popular foodie-dream-funder Kickstarter, University of Minnesota agriculture grad Ian Silver-Ramp and his team of growers are aiming to quintuple their weekly 100-pound order currently sent out of their Northeast Minneapolis indoor growing facility.

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At 80% funded with four days to go, the team of fungi experts is on track to make their goal. The planned increase in production requires some spendy machinery built to sterilize large amounts of growing material. The company hopes to raise a grand total of $22,500. 

 Right now, the Mississippi Mushrooms can be found at the Wedge and Eastside Food co-ops, and local restaurants like the Sample Room, the Anchor Fish & Chips, and the Mill NE. 

 Check out the Mississippi Mushrooms Kickstarter video below, featuring cameos from Rick Siewert, co-founder of urban tree recycling organization, Wood From the Hood, and also Matt Kempf, chef at the Mill NE and Matt Knudsen of the Sample Room.

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