Minnesota's state food: What should it be?

You know you live in Minnesota if you eat...

You know you live in Minnesota if you eat...

Minnesota has its state bird (common loon) and state flower (pink and white lady slipper). But our state food? Now that's worth a debate.

The folks at My Food Looks Funny have started the dialogue by assigning 50 foods to the 50 states.

What did they pick for Minnesota?


While Wisconsin's cheese and Maine's lobster seem to be sensible choices, there are several states with questionable culinary ties. Michigan's pasties? Utah's green Jell-O?

According to this map, Minnesota is represented by fried food on a stick.

Full map at <a href="" target="_blank">My Food Looks Funny</a>

Full map at My Food Looks Funny

One commenter says the pick is "right on the money," yet another is vehemently opposed: "Ever hear of wild rice? Pan-fried walleye? Venison?" The lengthy comments are a sure indication that there is plenty of room for debate.

But assigning a single food item that pleases everyone in our state is a nearly impossible task. It might be a tough and fruitless effort to make a case for wild rice or walleye or even Pearson's Nut Roll. Still, can someone please explain what exactly that food is that's fried and put on a stick in that picture?

As a side note, several food items are already included among Minnesota's state symbols. You might guess that the walleye is the state fish and wild rice the state grain. But did you know that the Honeycrisp apple is our state fruit and the morel is our state mushroom? Wait, there's one more. Our state muffin? Blueberry, of course.

A vote for Tater Tot hotdish, anyone?