Minnesota's mass-market beer prices might not surprise you

This probably won't shock you, seeing as you live here. Or maybe it will!

This probably won't shock you, seeing as you live here. Or maybe it will! Getty Images/iStockphoto

...At least we're not Alaska?

Earlier this month, Simple.Thrifty.Living. shared a map (we love maps!) with the average cost of a case of beer across the country.

In conducting the study, the company tracked down pricing info for a 24-pack of Bud Light and Miller Lite ("due to the national popularity") from national and regional retailers in every state. They chose stores in up to 10 zip codes per state—urban and rural—and averaged out the cost down to the nearest cent.

If their findings are to be trusted, Minnesota's pretty much right in the middle. It's a relatively moderate $17.94 for a case here, making the North Star State the 19th-cheapest place to pick up a 24-pack.



The priciest states for budget beer are Tennessee ($22.25), Montana ($22.28), Hawaii ($22.39), and Wyoming ($26.68). But it's remote, far-off Alaska that takes the top spot, at $31.21 per case.

Looking for the cheapest beer? Move to Illinois, where the average was just $15.20 a case. South Carolina ($15.32), New York ($15.98), Rhode Island ($15.98), and Kansas and Michigan (tied at $16.07) are also among the best states for cheap dates involving 24 Bud Lights and a few pretty obvious and (one would think) avoidable mistakes.

You can find the full rundown of in the list below—which, for some reason, is organized alphabetically rather than by price, so it won't be long before you get smacked in the face by Alaska's upsettingly high numbers, and you'll have to go all the way toward the bottom to see how bad they've got it in Wyoming.