Minnesota's favorite Halloween candy is... wait, what? [POLL]

This feels very wrong.

This feels very wrong.

First of all, we'd just like to say that this is bullshit.

Earlier this month, online bulk candy retailer released its annual ranking of the top Halloween candy by state. 

Cute, right? This year, there's even an interactive map!

Except -- hang on just one minute, there. Minnesota's favorite candy is... Tootsie Pops? 

Not so fast, candy store dot com. That can't possibly be right. No one's favorite candy is Tootsie Pops. They're... they're not even the best lollipop. Those people who half-assedly leave out a bowl of candy with a "please take just one" sign instead of handing out treats to kids? Even they can't get rid of all the Tootsie Pops. They probably end up with more of them after Halloween night is over.

Now, by "most popular," what the distributor's actually saying is "best-selling," meaning every elementary school teacher and youth group leader who went in on a bag of TP's because they were the cheapest way to get their class to shut the hell up is for sure skewing the data. 

That's why we're conducting our very own, highly scientific City Pages candy poll below. Which is actually Minnesota's favorite? Time to find out. (We included Tootsie Pops JUST IN CASE, but we left out a bunch of other crappy candies.)