Minnesota Target to begin selling alcohol

UPDATE: Target's first-ever Minnesota liquor store opened in Otsego in October 2014.

Target is already your one-stop shop when you need a tennis racket, a puppy purse, and string cheese -- now you can add booze to the cart. Starting July 1, a Minnesota Target store will have a license to sell alcohol.

According to Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, the City Council of Otsego approved an application for a liquor store to be stationed at one of the city's Super Targets.

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Until now, Target has only carried beer with a percent-alcohol-by-volume maximum of 3.2 in a select number of the chain's 75 Minnesota locations.

While the liquor license is limited to the Super Target in Ostego and lasts for only one year, this means they will be allowed to sell not only high-alcohol beer and wine for the first time ever, but liquor as well.

Minnesota grocery stores require the liquor store entrance and checkout to be separate from those of the food section, meaning that Target will most likely have to add an addition to the store.

Target spokesperson Erica Julkowski says the corporation chose Otsego's location based on the store's design. She could not say whether liquor licenses will spread across other Minnesota locations, but did say the call for a liquor section came from Minnesota shoppers.

Since 1996, wine, beer, and liquor have become available in over 1,300 Targets across 37 states. Could Minnesota be number 38?

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