Minnesota State Fair: The countdown is on

Minnesota State Fair: The countdown is on

Start strapping on the feed bags, everyone. The Minnesota State Fair starts in 10 days. According to the fair's "Food Finder," there will be 10 new food vendors this time around -- including Harry Singh's (yay!) and the non-profit Renewing the Countryside (yay yay!) -- and 23 new types of food -- like chocolate-covered watermelon on a stick and lots of wild huckleberry stuff!

We know we've been getting all crazy about the fair and fair food for months now but there's really just so much to gush about! Like, Renewing the Countryside will not only be serving caprese salad on a stick (omfg) but also maple syrup soda (gotta try that). And Harry Singh's entire lineup deserves mention:

Roti dhalpourie (soft-toasted flatbread) served with jerk chicken or curry chicken, Jamaican jerk chicken wings, Trinidadian "doubles" (two pieces of bara bread filled with curried chick peas, hot sauce and chutney), peanut punch, Caribbean punch, ginger beer.

What else can we tell you ... Well, there will apparently be close to 80 different places hawking foods on a stick (including stuffed grape leaves, risotto, corned beef and cabbage and personal fave Scotch eggs). Ah, let the reckless gorgefest begin.

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