Minnesota ranks as 6th healthiest state

Minnesota ranks as 6th healthiest state

The United Health Foundation's 2011 national health rankings are out. Here's how Minnesota stacked up.

Like last year, Minnesota is the sixth-healthiest state. Front-runners include Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. Minnesota is the lowest in occupational fatalities and has the lowest rate of deaths from cardiovascular disease. Minnesota also boasts low rates of premature death, a low rate of uninsured residents (at 8.9%) and is among the top 5 in high school graduation rates at 86.4%.

Our weaknesses? Binge drinking is a big problem, with Minnesota ranking 44th out of 50 in the percentage of adult population involved in binge drinking--that would be 18.4% of the adult population. (For the record, Wisconsin is No. 50.) We're 49th in infectious diseases, with 23.2 cases per 100,000 people. And our public health funding is only $45 a person, which puts us squarely in 46th place. (The No. 1 state spends $244 per person).

To see the entire report, go to the America's Health Rankings website.

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