Minnesota non-GMO group to rally for labeling legislation

Minnesota non-GMO group to rally for labeling legislation
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Next Thursday, Right to Know Minnesota will head to the State Capital in an attempt to convince legislators to label products containing GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. The group will meet at Christ Lutheran Church across from the State Capitol in St. Paul at 1 p.m., where participants will meet, eat non-GMO treats, and learn how to talk to state legislators. After that, they'll head to the State Capital and each participant will meet the respective House and Senate representatives from their area.

Right to Know is an organization dedicated to the establishment of GMO mandatory labeling in the state of Minnesota.

"This is a total, 100% volunteer group. There's no paid staff [and we] don't get reimbursed for anything," says Jody Hencier of Right to Know.

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The organization believes GMO labeling gives people the ability to choose what they put in their bodies, inspires companies to take responsibility for the foods they're producing and purchasing, and contributes to making the food system safer and healthier overall.

Hencier said that the two GMO labeling bills Right to Know is interested in (H.F. 850 and S.F. 821) were in a committee last year, but never got a hearing. This year, they've revised the bill to address not only agricultural committees, but commerce committees as well.

"Our day at the capitol is hugely important to us as an organization to get the message out there, not only to legislators, but to the state," Hencier says. "We're doing everything we can to push the legislation, but we also have to be realists and know that it might not even get a hearing this year."

This week, Right to Know launched a seven-day GMO Action Week that features a new way for people to get involved each day. Hencier said that since the action week started, Right to Know's website has gotten more traffic than ever before.

To register for the event, you can head over to Right to Know's website. Registration is free, but participants can choose to leave a $5 donation to cover event costs.

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