Minnesota Made: Kieran Folliard of 2 Gingers Whiskey [VIDEO]


The last time we checked in with videographer Chris Jones he'd just finished documenting a whole hog roast with a local backyard barbecue expert. This week, we caught up with Jones fresh off an interview with Kieran Folliard of 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Irish native Folliard discusses how he got from a small village in Ireland to Minneapolis, where he helped establish six Irish pubs, four of which -- Keiran's, the Local, the Liffey, and Cooper -- are still going strong today. Folliard has since sold his shares of the pubs to focus on 2 Gingers, authentic Irish whiskey distilled in Ireland and launched right here in Minnesota. Check out the video interview after the jump.

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Not all of Jones's videos are about local food and drink; since the whole hog roast, Jones has profiled a tattoo artist, a local who makes video game arcade cabinets, and a drummer in a rockabilly band. His next project is on Handsome Cycles out of Minneapolis, a shop currently building a 100 percent local bike -- made from start to finish here in Minnesota. 

Jones says the best part about his series, Minnesota Made, is discovering all the talents and hobbies of his fellow Minnesotans, though it isn't always easy to get them to talk about their work.

"We're shy to brag about ourselves," he says. "Which is actually my biggest challenge: getting people to admit that they do quality work around here and letting them know it's okay to be spotlighted for five minutes."

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