Minnesota Made: Backyard whole hog BBQ [VIDEO]


Contrary to popular belief, Minnesotans have hobbies beyond winter sports and thinking up ways to out-nice their neighbors.

Chris Jones' hobby, for instance, is videography, which he uses to capture other people and their hobbies. In his new video series "Minnesota Made," Jones profiles Minnesotans and their various skills and interests. The project began earlier this month with a glimpse into whole hog cooking with backyard barbecue aficionado, Bill Hallberg.

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Check out the first installment of Minnesota Made below:

Jones says food won't always be the focus, as his goal is to highlight all arts, crafts, and skills in the area. (One of his upcoming profiles is about a guy who makes arcade games.) But since crafty foodies abound in this great state, no doubt we'll see more Minnesota Made profiles on chefs, brewers, butchers, and a number of food-centric hobbyists, and we look forward to sharing their profiles here.

"There's no end game here. I just enjoy meeting new people," says Jones. "The idea is that everybody has a story."

We'll be posting the Minnesota Made food related videos here, but you can check out Jones' other videos at

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