Minnesota is responsible for a bunch of the best-looking beer cans in America

Lots of good looks

Lots of good looks Ceros

As every craft beer drinker and gawky teen getting a pick-me-up talk from mom knows, It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

As every craft beer drinker and gawky teen getting a pick-me-up talk from mom also knows, what’s on the outside tends to matter kiiind of a lot, too.

More and more, brewers are taking that to heart, as they compete for shelf space and market share in an increasingly crowded, increasingly high-quality beer scene. That’s not lost on the design-driven folks over at the content creation studio Ceros, which recently rounded up 30 of America’s best-looking beer cans for its Good Looks originals series.

“Cans have gone from objects of derision to desire, fueled by both the liquid and the labels,” writes Joshua M. Bernstein in introducing the very-cool interactive graphic. “Designers, illustrators, and artists have turned these aluminum canvases into handheld works of art, a rare analog experience in a digital era.”

In terms of the Minnesota brands they think are doing can art best? They actually tended to prefer the stylish-but-simple stuff.

Minneapolis’ Fair State Brewing is on the list thanks to their bold, colorful, infinity-sign-adorned cans. Bauhaus gets a shout for the playful, primary palette on their brews. And over in Nisswa, Minnesota, Big Axe Brewing gets a commendation for cleverly bringing to life a cadre of lumber-driven imaginary creatures like the wood-chucking Agropelter and the Axe Handle Hound. (He eats axe handles.)

You can find the full list, which is pretty fun to click through and includes a bunch of great breweries from Brooklyn to Baton Rouge, here.

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