Minnesota contributes to the thriving craft beer industry: By the numbers

Minnesota contributes to the thriving craft beer industry: By the numbers

Minnesotans aren't shy about their love of good craft beer. These days, it seems like everyone's trying to perfect their own special basement brews. However, for those of us who aren't lucky enough to get our fermentation fix on our own, buying craft beer -- both local and national -- is the way to go. And boy, do we have a good scene here.

The New Yorker just published an interactive map charting the rise of craft beer across the nation, comparing production quantities to new breweries popping up around states. We've got the lowdown on how Minnesota ranked against the rest of the United States of Craft Beer.

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Minnesota ranks at 17th in the nation for number of craft breweries with 47 in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. That's not half-bad, since we rank similarly (at 17 again) for the amount of breweries per 500,000 people. The math charts out to about 4.4 craft breweries for each half million people in the state.

We took second for change in production from 2011 to 2012 with a whopping 81.29% growth in craft beer produced. First place went to Alabama with an astronomical 672% jump in 2012; however, to put it in perspective, they still only made about 7,200 barrels. In that year, we made 308,370 barrels of beer, which put us at 10th in the nation for how much beer we made.

A couple of our breweries also made the list of 50 biggest breweries in the states, including Summit Brewing Company (at 23rd) and Cold Spring Brewing Co. (at 28th), which is great considering the competition features the craft beer behemoths Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, and Lagunitas among others.

To peruse the finer details of all 50 states' rankings, check out the New Yorker's map.

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