Minnesota-baked 'vagina cake' goes viral

Facebook: Nadia Cakes

Facebook: Nadia Cakes

We've heard of Georgia O'Keeffe ... but Georgia O'CAKE?! 

That is to say: An artistic cake from Twin Cities bakery Nadia Cakes has gone viral due its yonic nature. 

That is to say: The dessert, billed as a "beautiful geode rock cake," totally looks like a vagina. 

On January 27, without even a winking anatomical allusion, Nadia Cakes uploaded an image of the $65 vanilla cake, which sports pink buttercream frosting and a strip of rock candy. That post has since been shared more than 26,000 times, and the go-to reaction trends more gynecological than geological.

"Well, it's official: Our customers are 50% rock enthusiasts and 50% perverts," Nadia Cakes wrote on Facebook, adding, "Guys, have you seen the mad skills of our cake design team? If we made a vagina cake, you wouldn't be saying 'OMG, that cake is a vagina.' You'd be saying 'That vagina is a CAKE?!'"

Facebooker Linsey Griffith stole the top comment crown, stating, "I think it’s beautiful. I work in birth and don’t see a vagina -- mostly because if your vagina looked like this you would be in all sorts of trouble #vaginacrystals #vaginateeth #geodecake #beautiful."

To which Nadia Cakes replied, "We looked this cake right in the crotch and didn't see a vagina either ... I mean, we see it now tho."

That is to say: We're all having viral fun, folks. Click here to read through the almost 10,000 comments the cake attracted. 

Owned by self-taught pastry chef Abby Jimenez, Nadia Cakes won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2012. It currently has three locations: Maple Grove, Woodbury, and Palmdale, California. 

UPDATE: The "vageode" cake is experiencing issues ...