Minneapolis White Castle employee claims sexual harassment


Photo by JoshMcConnell via Flickr

Would you like a side of sexual harassment with that?

A former North Minneapolis White Castle employee has filed suit saying she had to fend off unwanted sexual advances from female coworkers beginning just shortly after she started working for the slider slinging fast food chain back in 2002.

The federal suit alleges that the woman's coworkers made constant comments about her body, especially after management started requiring employees to tuck their shirts in, and made consistent sexual advances toward her, including inviting her to have a threesome.

According to the complaint, the woman's supervisor overlooked the misbehavior because he is friends with the harassers. When she complained to the women directly, her hours at the West Broadway restaurant were changed in order to make her miss church.

The woman, who -- go figure -- no longer works for White Castle, seeks damages for mental anguish, pain and suffering.