Minneapolis' Truth Bar has a very special limited-time offer for Eagles fans

Don't miss out!

Don't miss out! Twitter: @CaseyCommon

It's time to preemptively grease those telephone poles: In just a few days, thousands of grandma-hating, subway-accident-having Eagles fans will descend on our state. 

Should they expect some classic Minnesota Nice upon arrival? Will the good people of the Twin Cities turn the other cheek and let the drama play out on the field?

Not from the looks of the sign that just went up at Truth Bar in downtown Minneapolis!

Now, the thing about Truth Bar is that it isn't actually a bar, and it isn't open to the public. It's a clever little take on the conference room from the Minneapolis ad agency Kruskopf & Co., which opened the space in 2016 as a way to inspire some creativity for its staff and clients. “We always say ‘Where does all the truth happen? It’s not at the meeting; it’s after the meeting,’” CEO Sue Kruskopf once told the Star Tribune.

What that means is: Truth Bar's threat is as empty as the very beer cans they're promising to hurl.

But if, say, some other liquor-license-holding bar in town wanted to take the agency's idea and run with it ... who would we be to stop them?