Minneapolis ranked 11th best trick-or-treating city in U.S.

It's ours for the taking.
It's ours for the taking.

Parents, find yourself some comfortable walking shoes. Kids, start your engines.

For the first time ever, Minneapolis has been ranked one of the best cities in the U.S. to go trick-or-treating.

The real estate website Zillow ranked 20 cities throughout the country in order of their trick-or-treatability, and Minneapolis placed 11th, ahead of Miami and San Diego. They also picked the best neighborhoods for Halloween loot, and we've picked the best possible route to hit them all and still have time to gorge at home before bedtime.

The rankings are based on average home prices, walkability, population density, and crime statistics. That doesn't factor in likelihood of full-size Snickers or number of dads spending the entire night in the front yard pretending to be a scarecrow, but it'll do.

Click here for full list of Halloween happenings tonight.
Click here for full list of Halloween happenings tonight.

The top five neighborhoods are all relatively close together, but diehard trick-or-treaters may wish to chart a course moving away from the Uptown area, to avoid the inevitable drunken mess it will become in the later hours.

To hit all five neighborhoods before the witching hour becomes the drunk and disorderly hour, we'd recommend starting in best trick-or-treat neighborhood No. 5, East Isles, then moseying around the lake to Cedar-Isles-Dean, ranked neighborhood No. 2. That should leave plenty of time to buzz down to the always-adorable Linden Hills, which Zillow named the best trick-or-treat neighborhood in Minneapolis. Once you've cleaned house there, it might be worth a spooky detour past Lakewood Cemetery to the Lynnhurst 'hood--neighborhood No. 3--before heading down West 50th Street to end up at the final destination of fourth-ranked Fulton.

That is, of course, merely a suggestion, and every treat-or-treater has to find a strategy that works for them. Here's the full list:

1. Linden Hills
2. Cedar-Isles-Dean
3. Lynnhurst
4. Fulton
5. East Isles

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