Minneapolis proposes zoning rules to aid urban farmers

Proposed rules would let residents sell home-grown food off-site
Proposed rules would let residents sell home-grown food off-site

Backyard farmers in Minneapolis would get a big boost if proposed new zoning rules are passed. The amendments would allow food grown in home gardens to be sold off-site, according to an article in the Southwest Journal.

"We believe this is a very positive step for urban farmers and gardeners, as the interest and demand for local food continues to increase," says Karla Pankow from Bossy Acres, a business selling organic produce (and using some urban space for raised beds). "Not only does it provide jobs for the community, in its own way, it even enhances the feel of community by encouraging more and more families to get involved, learn about their food system, and support those that are utilizing resources around them to grow good real food. From a farmer standpoint, it also opens up greater markets for our product."

However, the zoning amendment would only allow on-site sale of produce for 15 days a year. For more information on the proposed zoning code amendments, check out the city of Minneapolis website.

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