Minneapolis model A.J. Lund sneaks a (small) bite



Recognize A.J. Lund? If you're a customer at Covered Boutique, a fan of Arctic Cat, or your basic Target shopper, then she should look familiar. As a Minneapolis-based model, Lund's sparkling smile has promoted all those items (and more) to consumers. While she has recently started working behind the scenes as a stylist assistant, Lund--who blogs about her work for readers fascinated by fashion--is the first to admit that healthy eating habits are a key part of her job in front of the camera.


1. If you shoot an ad that involves food, do you have to actually eat the food? How sick of a product do you get by the end of a shoot? Most of the time when I'm shooting with food it is just a prop so I don't have to eat it. It could be the most delicious meal I have ever seen, but it is most likely a day old and covered in hair spray to make it look fresh and yummy. Pretty gross, huh? I did a shoot for Blue Bunny ice cream a few years back, and the male model and I had to feed each other the ice cream. We actually ate it at first but by the end of the shoot we were just faking it because we couldn't eat another bite.

2. Craft service tables at photo shoots: decadent and delicious, or not all they're cracked up to be? Craft services tables are very similar to a buffet at a high school graduation party. There are typically meat and cheese trays, fruits and veggies, Wheat Thins or Triscuits, granola bars, and a candy dish, so they are definitely nothing decadent. I love to see a craft service table with a variety of fruits, veggies, whole-wheat crackers, some nuts for a protein option, and a treat option, because I'm quite a healthy eater but I'm definitely a chocoholic.

3. As a model, how conscious do you have to be about your diet? What (if any) foods do you have to limit your intake of? Do you succumb to cravings? In my industry, it is really important for me not to lose weight or gain weight. Clients will book me based on the photos they receive from my agents, so I have to look like those photos. I'm definitely not the girl that can eat whatever she wants, not work out, and then stay thin. I have been living a healthy food lifestyle since high school. I limit my intake of high-calorie, high-fat foods, focus on portion control, and if I have a craving for something, I will have a little taste. I try to use a smaller plate at dinner so I don't take too much food, and I have gotten used to eating the foods that may not taste the greatest but are the best for my body. I also don't drink my calories. I don't really drink a lot of alcohol, and I have about one soda every other month. Eating healthy isn't really a challenge anymore because I have been doing it so long that I know the healthiest options.

4. You've booked a big job--what restaurants do you hit up to celebrate? I love buffalo wings, so when I feel like celebrating my husband and I will go to Maxwell's. I think they have the best wings in the city. Yes, wings are horrible for you, but I only have a few of them, and I pull all the skin off. I literally have wing sauce up to my elbows. It's not a pretty sight.

5. What's your biggest food splurge? I love love love desserts! Cookies, cakes, brownies, frozen Snickers, peanut butter M&Ms, chocolate malts, you name it I love it! I rarely have these types of foods in the house because I would eat them all the time. I will sometimes splurge and get a decadent dessert when I am at a restaurant, but I always split my dessert with at least one other person. It's so worth those few heavenly bites!