Minneapolis may have its own Hamburglar


Hide your steaks, hide your chicken breasts: It appears the Windom neighborhood of southwest Minneapolis may have its very own Hamburglar.

On April 15, a resident of an apartment complex on 61st and Nicollet came home to discover that her apartment had been broken into, reports the Southwest Minneapolis Patch. Though incidents of breaking and entering aren't entirely uncommon in the area, it's definitely not common for someone who breaks in to leave all the electronics, jewelry, and cash. But the police report stated that only one thing was missing from the house.

The victim noted that an "unknown amount of meat from the freezer" was missing after the break-in, and that some "blinds had been ruffled" but the rest of the apartment was left untouched. Unfortunately, this doesn't give police much to go on, but some small part of us hopes this strange crime spree continues and culminates in an epic meat raffle.

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