Minneapolis Craigslist's four-foot tall wine glass is just what you need right now

This giant wine glass for sale not far outside the Twin Cities could be used for decoration or drinking large amounts of wine.

This giant wine glass for sale not far outside the Twin Cities could be used for decoration or drinking large amounts of wine.

The Mueller report's out, and despite 34 (thirty four!) indictments of individuals and three indicted corporations (which, perversely, are pretty much people too), you'll be hearing a lot from this president about how he's been right all along. And besides, Vlad Putin is a great guy. Almost as good as Kim Jong Un.

The planet is warming. The Great Plains and the South are going to flood... like, for a long time, and probably annually, for... like, ever. Buy rubber boots. Learn to tread water.

A fan of the American president shot up two New Zealand mosques, killing 50 and wounding 50 others, and at least a few people were quick to blame... Muslims. The victims themselves. Security was thick at DFL U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar's appearance in Los Angeles over the weekend, according to TMZ, which reported cops were intending to "avoid another tragic hate crime."

Rob Gronkowski is retiring, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (known associate of both the president and Vlad Putin) is "truly sorry," but for obvious reasons won't quite say what it is he feels bad about. 

The high temperature on Wednesday in Minneapolis-St. Paul is supposed to hit the mid-60s... then drop back to the 40s over the weekend.

Anywhere you look, reasons abound for you to buy this four-foot-tall novelty wine glass, currently for sale for $115 on Minneapolis Craigslist. Described as "very cool" and "very unusual," the glass is depicted in various poses, evidently as a decorative piece in a home somewhere in or around some of the wealthier suburbs south and west of the Twin Cities. 

The big-ass glass is variously shown filled with corks (proof of previous efforts at wino-ism) and those big gold balls everyone seems to think are fancy. Also: plants.

Here, have a look for yourself.




The $115 is expected to be paid in cash, though cryptocurrency is "ok." (Is it?) 

As the ad states:

"Perfect for birthday, wedding gift, or that favorite wine connoisseur in your life. 12 inches in diameter and 4 feet tall - solid glass and a great decorating piece . . . everyone will just laugh at how big it is!"

And maybe they will! 

Our advice is to buy this four-foot-tall wine glass, fill it with wine, and drink from it, perhaps while staring longingly out a window, or rereading text messages (sent or received) you regret. Or maybe you're trying to get some little surveillance device to play that one song you need to hear to get over that thing that happened you can't bring yourself think about and yet can't stop thinking about.

No judgment here. You have your reasons.