Minneapolis cracks down on Pedal Pub shenanigans

Keep it classy, pedal people.

Keep it classy, pedal people.

Everyone's favorite traveling bar is facing tighter restrictions from the city of Minneapolis.

We're speaking, of course, of Pedal Pub, the 16-headed beast on wheels that courses through the city streets all spring and summer, fueled by beer and yelling and 32 woozy legs pedaling as hard as they can. After receiving numerous complaints about the mobile pubs in 2013, the Minneapolis City Council will soon vote on renewing the company's license -- and the council is taking this opportunity to tighten the reins.

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According to the city of Minneapolis's Licenses and Consumer Services department, citizens lodged 38 complaints against pedal pubs in 2013, most of which had to do with "the driver's inability to maintain proper control of the passengers at all times while piloting the vehicle."

Let's all take a moment to be thankful our jobs don't involve operating a vehicle while trying to get 16 sloppy bros to stay in their seats and not barf on traffic.

To address these complaints, the city is demanding a number of requirements be met before it will renew Pedal Pub Twin Cities' commercial license:

1) Pedal car pilots (yes, pilots) must be trained and in compliance with traffic regulations. 2) Pedal Pub will properly dispose of trash and any leftover beverages. 3) Pedal Pub will conduct monthly covert self-monitoring, keep records of observations, and make those records available to city licensing inspectors. 4) Pedal Pub will create an employee training program that addresses alcohol awareness, alcohol service control, patron behavior, and sound level control. 5) Pedal Pub will modify sound systems so that the volume can be lowered.

The new restrictions will go before a Minneapolis City Council committee today. So what do you think? Are these spoilsports ruining all the pedal pub fun? Or is the crackdown a welcome turn of events?

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