Minneapolis brings the hammer down: Surdyk's is losing its liquor license for a month


Surdyk's day of fun might lead to a month of pain. 

Owner Jim Surdyk brazenly flouted city ordinance and state laws yesterday, opening for a day of legal Sunday liquor sales about 100 days before that new law goes into effect. 

The city of Minneapolis -- which told Surdyk's, twice, to stop selling booze to customers --immediately announced a $3,500 fine against the long-established northeast Minneapolis liquor store. The city also warned that harsher punishment was on its way. 

Monday brought good news for Surdyk's: That $3,500 penalty is being reduced to $2,000.

And some terrible news: Surdyk's will lose its off-sale liquor license for a whole month, starting July 2, the day the new Sunday liquor sales law was actually supposed to go into effect. 

In its findings against Surdyk's, the city faults the liquor store for "being open and making unauthorized and illegal sales of alcohol throughout the day," according to a letter from city manager Grant Wilson, which was made public Monday afternoon. 

Surdyk can contest the city's 30-day suspension at a hearing of the city council's regulatory subcommittee. 

“Furthermore,” Wilson’s letter to Surdyk continues, “please be advised that should you continue to violate currently-applicable law prohibiting off-sale alcohol sales on Sunday, or any other applicable law or ordinance governing the sale of beverage alcohol the City will pursue revocation of your license and reserves the right to pursue all other applicable remedies.”