Minneapolis among top 10 cities for drinking craft beer

Our affinity for craft brews makes news
Our affinity for craft brews makes news

Falling under the category of "things we already could have guessed without conducting a market research study", a new market research study from Scarborough Research shows that Minneapolis is one of the top 10 cities in America for drinking microbrews, particularly those that are locally made, reports the MSP Business Journal.

With Surly making 's list of the 50 Best Brewers in the World, a brand-new local publication written for "craft-curious" readers, and the bevy of new smaller breweries opening in the last year or so, it makes sense that Minneapolis ranks in a six-way tie for tenth place in the beer market for American adults, where 7% of its citizens reported having a microbrew in the last 30 days.

Unsurprisingly, Denver, Portland (both 13%) and Seattle (11%) nabbed the the top three spots, but here are some of the other interesting facts the study revealed about the behaviors of craft beer-drinkers.

The study also reports that microbrew drinkers tend to be heavily engaged in sports activities, either as fans or participants, but that they also have what the study deems a "softer side". More than one-quarter of this group had purchased a ticket to a live music concert in the last year, and more than one-third has attended a live theater event in the same period of time. Craft beer drinkers are three times more likely than all American adults, again aged 21 and up, to have gone to some type of art museum in the last twelve months.

This is all useful information for advertisers trying to find their ideal customer, but the place craft beer drinkers spend a good chunk of their time? Online. And for some reason, this group is particularly fond of Youtube and Pandora.

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