Milkjam made 4 new ice cream flavors to celebrate love – not Valentine's Day

Because not everyone in your life is a "cake person."

Because not everyone in your life is a "cake person." Courtesy of Milkjam Creamery

Here’s the thing about Milkjam Creamery: Their ice cream never disappoints. What’s more? The folks in charge just Get It.

Amid this month’s onslaught of heart-shaped edibles, chocolate minefields enjoyed primarily by Forrest Gump, and a slew of difficult-to-score reservations available exclusively in parties of two, south Minneapolis’s local ice cream parlor for grown-ups is here to save you from The Big Bad Blerghs.

February’s themed ice cream series celebrates love. (Hear us out, fellow Dead-Insides.)

Yes, Milkjam is going all-in on the feeling (chemical?) that makes the world go ‘round, but they aren’t limiting their definition to Hallmark’s pink- and rose-hued saccharine shtick. 

Included in their spread are nods to self-love’s splurges, decadence bestowed between best friends, and all things soul-warming—like ice cream’s version of bubble baths and compliments delivered with a twinkling eye. 

Milkjam says these four new flavors were inspired by champagne, sophisticated French desserts, fancy chocolates, and flowers—fineries that this month-long series reminds us remain at our disposal regardless of calendar date, one’s relationship status, or society’s B.S. external pressures.

One such flavor, XOXO, features dark chocolate ice cream and hazelnut praline, with white and milk chocolate flecks. Another, [heart eyes emoji], is a passion fruit crème brûlée. The I <3 You involves white chocolate with raspberry rose jam, while Drunk in Love caters to the Beyhive and straight-up lovers, combining sparkling rosé sorbet with edible flowers in a boozy, 21+ treat. 

Out of this extended lovefest, for those looking to Cupid things up on V-Day, Milkjam is offering an online pre-order for their first ever D.I.Y. Valentine’s Sundae Kit. Just $35 buys two pints (one XOXO, one I <3 You), two sauces (passion fruit caramel and raspberry lychee rose), a homemade rose and salted caramel brittle for crunch, “chocolate covered everything” (their words),  and “all the tools you’ll need for a sweet ending to your day,” the latter of which is a huge promise for a low price if you ask us

Look, no one’s going to tell you how to approach these delights, whom to share them with… or if you need to share them at all! We’re just saying: It might be worth investing in a ‘lil lick of pure love before these possibilities disappear come February 30 [sic]. 


Milkjam Creamery
2743 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis