Milkjam Creamery taking over south Minneapolis' iconic Dave's Popcorn

We'll miss you, Dave's.

We'll miss you, Dave's. Facebook

After hitting the market in May, Dave's Popcorn & Ice Cream now has new ownership. 

Saed and Sameh Wadi -- the ice cream impresarios behind Lyn-Lake's popular Milkjam Creamery -- announced Wednesday that Milkjam will take over the iconic, 61-year-old south Minneapolis snack shack.  

What'll be on the menu? A pared-down selection of Milkjam's signature frozen treats, obviously, plus a "wacky weenie menu" featuring globally inspired beef and veggie hot dogs. Think kimchi dogs, banh mi dogs, etc., all executed with the flare of Milkjam's sister restaurant, World Street Kitchen. Expect some "exclusive" new ice cream flavors as well. 

"There’s something nostalgic about eating a hot dog outside and following it with a scoop of ice cream that we are trying to recreate here," Sameh says via today's press release. "We wanted to take a more global approach to our hot dogs, but we’re not overthinking it. We just want it to taste good."

The mini Milkjam will debut this Sunday at 1848 E. 38th St.; it'll be open from noon to 9 p.m., Wednesdays through Sundays.

Andy Gray -- the south Minneapolis preacher who purchased Dave's in 2015 -- says last month's final weekend was bittersweet.

"It was a wonderfully crazy weekend -- tons of people came out and were so gracious to us," he says. "It’s a little heartbreaking, obviously. A lot of nostalgia."

Some of that nostalgia will be preserved. The brothers Wadi plan to renovate the existing Dave's space, Gray reports, not tear it down. 

Another legacy bonus: Dave's will live on (in popcorn-form) just across Hwy. 55 at Minnehaha Scoop. The ice cream shop scooped up Dave's equipment and original recipes, and Gray passed down his sacred kernel-popping knowledge to James Freid, owner of Minnehaha Scoop.

"I’ve got friends and family that’ve gone to Dave's for generations, we love it," says Freid, who anticipates Dave's popcorn will be available inside his shop early next year. "It's a wonderful product line, and I love to see it stay alive in this neighborhood."