Mike Rylander recovers from Dorito death


Local actor Mike Rylander is best known as the headbanded gym rat impaled by Tim, the snack attack samurai slinging Doritos like they were poisonous ninja stars in the award-winning Super Bowl commercial. Now that he's recovered from his wounds, Rylander can be found working as the in-arena game host for the Timberwolves and developing his film The Old Arizona. Of course, if you need a quick fix you can find him portraying A.C. Slater this week at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in "The Saved By the Bell Show."

1. We all know Tim loves Doritos. Does Mike? If so, what's your favorite flavor? (nervously looking around the room for a Frito-Lay executive) Yes... I love Doritos. With all of my heart. Don't get me wrong, Doritos are super delicious, but I try to limit my intake for health reasons. Favorite flavor is the Hot Wings/Blue Cheese Collision bag. wings with blue cheese...

2. How many Doritos did you have to consume during the making of that commercial? Can you OD on Doritos? I probably ate more Doritos the day we filmed that commercial than I did the entire fiscal year prior. Again, they're super delicious, but there are eight grams of fat in 11 chips. Yikes. Which leads to me to answer the next question with yes, yes you can. Symptoms include loss of vision of your toes and heart palpitations while standing up.

3. You've also been in Buffalo Wild Wings and Edible Arrangements commercials. Are you carving out a food commercial niche? You know, as a kid, that was always the "dream." Grow up, become an actor, do nothing but food commercials. Hear that, General Mills?! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Oh wait--I just did one for them too... Next!

4. Many actors have day jobs in the food industry. Have you ever been a waiter in the Twin Cities? I think a better question is which restaurants in the Twin Cities have I not worked at. My favorite experience was at Big Bowl in Edina, where I worked for over two years. Great company to work for. And get this--they even give their employees health benefits! Crazy, right? My fiancee still works there, and since we qualify as a "domestic partnership," I still have health insurance. Other service industry companies should take note and follow their lead. 'Cause guess what--waiters and bartenders are people too!!

5. You are also the in-arena announcer for the Timberwolves. Do you have a favorite Target Center snack? I usually get the turkey sandwich (that whole "trying to eat healthy" thing), but when I drop my inhibitions, I believe they have an item called the "Super Nacho" that's about as deliciously naughty as you can get.

6. When you aren't being paid to consume wings and chips, where's your favorite place to dine in Minneapolis or St. Paul? I'm a huge fan of Common Roots. Great food, great atmosphere, and very progressively aggressive with local ingredients and sustainable practices. (Those things are very important to me.) Then, in no particular order: Anodyne, Caffrey's, Galactic Pizza, Green Mill Uptown, Pancho Villa's, Azia, Palomino, French Meadow, Runyon's buffalo wings, El Meson's lunch buffet, and the Independent or Famous Dave's Sunday morning brunch buffet.