Midwest Tomato Fest: fun or wasteful? [VIDEO]


Three young entrepreneurs who met at St. Thomas are conspiring to create a local version of Spain's La Tomatina village-wide tomato fight on July 31 at Afton Alps, charging each participant $30 to throw all the tomatoes they want and listen to live music.

The organizers say they've arranged for a Kansas-based distributor to ship 200,000 pounds of tomatoes from four different states--overripe tomatoes past their sale date that would otherwise be thrown away.

But might those tomatoes be of use to the one in 10 Minnesotans who are food insecure?


I talked to the folks at Second Harvest Heartland, who operate an extensive food rescue program, to find out if they thought the tomatoes might be salvageable, but, not knowing exactly what condition the tomatoes were in, they weren't able to say. (Though they did suggest that Midwest Tomato Fest consider donating a portion of their proceeds to their organization's hunger-fighting efforts.)

What do you think? Are you pumped to pelt people with tomatoes? Is the Midwest Tomato Fest good, not-so-clean fun, or wasteful? Join the discussion and comment below. (To get a sense of the event, watch the video below of last year's La Tomatina.)