Midtown Farmers' Market: Open for Business


After a long, cold winter (one that seems to be still in the process of begrudgingly releasing its hold on the state), it's nice to get back to the summer and harvest-time normalcy of a good old outdoor farmer's market. Even if you need to wear a coat to stay warm.

The Midtown Farmers' Market opened up this past Saturday, attracting a healthy and enthusiastic crowd. There wasn't much in the way of produce, but meat, honey, egg, baked good and other vendors were present, making the trip well worth the effort. Most critically, a crepe-selling vendor (Creperie Mala) was present, allowing visitors to purchase delectable ramp, ham and gruyere crepes ($4) such as this one:

Also present: a couple sheep that were sheared for the viewing delight of the audience. Here's one of the two dudes, pre-shearing:

And here's an even more dramatic shot of the sheep being hauled up and presented to the onlooking throng:

And then the sheep-shearing process begins. You have to admire the sheep's relatively composed expression at this point in the process:

My wife took a bunch more shots of this ilk, but they get a little redundant and — in light of the cold and windy weather — a little depressing. We bugged out before the sheep was completely sheared, opting instead to pick up some farm-fresh eggs for the evening's meal, a skillet flan.


Which is a fancy way to say "potato quiche."