Michigan State students and scientists create bigger, better popcorn

Michigan State University students and ConAgra scientists have teamed up to pop the perfect corn during a semester-long class, which became known as the "popcorn course." Professor Jim Smith and his students gladly accepted the challenge of MSU alumnus and executive vice president for research, quality, and innovation Jim Bolles to create bigger, fluffier microwave popcorn with fewer unpopped kernels. 

Students popped countless bags of Orville Redenbacher in their quest for enlightenment, but a nondisclosure agreement keeps them mum on their techniques and findings. Although we don't yet know the perfect popcorn popping techniques, Smith assures us the class was about more than just a popular snack food. According to Smith via The Free Press, "The class really helped illustrate the scientific method, including designing experiments and analyzing data. The students also drafted research proposals."

We're in full support of the ConAgra-MSU research-focused collaboration, especially if it leads to more popcorn.

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