Michelle O'Neill: Lady Macbeth likes tater tots

Lately it's rare to find local actress Michelle O'Neill without blood on her hands. Her current role as Lady Macbeth in the Guthrie's adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth is one that mixes violence with growing paranoia and obsession. Luckily O'Neill, who takes the stage six nights a week, still has time to appreciate a crisp tater tot after the brisk two hour performance.

Do people ask you for restaurant recommendations near the Guthrie? Where do you send them?
I often say Sanctuary because I had a really beautiful meal. The atmosphere was fantastic and they treated us well and the food was great. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there!

Are there things you avoid eating before a performance?
With this show I eat at 4 p.m. so I don't have a full stomach for the show. I usually have something very light. I make vats of soup when I'm doing a show and freeze it in individual containers - I love the whole soup idea because it's healthy and filling and easy to store. Tonight I'm having a really yummy beef soup over soba noodles. I also have something light after the performance, like a turkey sandwich or cereal.

Have you ever been in a show where you had to eat on stage?
You know, nowadays that's not so popular, there's very little to munch on. It's a lot of plastic food. I think it's because it's hard to make food constantly for every show.

When you're not at the Guthrie where do you like to eat?
I'm a northeast Minneapolis resident, so I frequent restaurants up there. Mondays are my night off, so if I get a chance to go out with my husband Mark we go to Sen Yai Sen Lek on Central Avenue for Thai.

Being a native of Idaho, do you consider the tater tot hotdish a bastardization of your state's signature export?
I just went out to Grumpy's recently - that's a big place people go after shows - and I had some of the best tater tots I've ever tasted. So I don't take too much offense.