Michelle Obama deserves kudos for Let's Move campaign

We here at Hot Dish are big Michelle Obama fans. Among the many reasons she's earned our respect--she's a superstar mom/lawyer who speaks candidly about health care policy and Barack's b.o.--the most relevant one to HD is her work to improve the country's eating habits.

This week, Obama launched her four-pronged "Let's Move" campaign that vows to to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation. With Laura Bush's legacy as First Lady remaining one of, uh, better libraries or something?, and Hillary Clinton's tenure remembered for her quashed health care efforts, here's to hoping that Obama can make some headway on this serious, timely problem.

The obesity epidemic, as we know, presents some alarming statistics: excess weight threatens the health of about 1/3 of American children, and the country spends $150 billion annually treating obesity-related health conditions. As Let's Move points out, American children may face a shorter expected lifespan than their parents for the first time in history. Wow! That's scary.

Here are the program's main components:

1. Give parents more information and tools about healthful food (improve FDA labeling, revamp the food pyramid 2. Improve the quality of school food (set guidelines to decrease sugar, fat and salt and increase whole grains, produce) 3. Increase access and affordability of healthful food (proposal to invest $400 million annually to bring grocery stores to underserved areas) 4. Promote physical activity (modernize the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge--remember the "sit and reach" and the "shuttle run" with the chalkboard erasers?)

In this video, Obama comes off as a relatable everymom, struggling to prioritize healthy eating and admitting to eating fast food more than she'd like, and promises "short, easy changes" and "nationwide support" to get kids to lead healthier lives. We're all for it!

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