Metro's Mary O'Regan doesn't believe in starving for fashion

Mary O'Regan will judge your elastic pants

Mary O'Regan will judge your elastic pants

With less than 24 hours before Black Friday blows up, it seems like the perfect time to have a food-and-fashion chat with Mary O'Regan, fashion editor with Metro magazine, editor of Minnesota Bride, and fashionista-about-town at her blog Art of Wore. Thinking about forgoing your feast so you can fit into those skinny jeans? O'Regan doesn't recommend it.


1. Are you hitting up the Black Friday sales? If so, what sort of breakfast do you pregame with so you don't bonk halfway through a shopathon? I'm undecided about Black Friday shopping. The sales are tempting, but I know I'd have to wrestle (literally, in some cases) frantic, crazy-eyed shoppers to get to 'em. It's almost become a one-day competitive sport. If I do hit up the sales, however, I'd be sure to fuel up at Victor's 1959 Cafe. Best breakfast in the city ... though I always end up getting the Cuban sandwich --it's amazing.

2. In your opinion which Twin Cities restaurants have the best-dressed clienteles? For an edgier, hipster-style crowd, Bryant Lake Bowl, French Meadow Bakery, and Psycho Suzi's are always a safe bet. You'll find more classic, refined styles at places like Barbette, 112 Eatery, Bar la Grassa, and Bradstreet.

3. Your office is in downtown Minneapolis. What are your favorite post-work options for dinner in the city? I find myself at Grumpy's Downtown more often than not. They carry my favorite cider, Ace Pear, which can be hard to find. But if I'm looking for something less bar-food-ish, I head to Origami, Anchor Fish & Chips, the Bulldog Northeast (the black bean burger is my fave), or Black Sheep Pizza.

4. Do you think the food-as-fashion trend, like Lady Gaga's famous meat dress, has legs? Or is it a fad that only a rock star can pull off? It'd only really work if the whole ensemble is raw, organic, and vegetarian--in which case Ecopolitan would make a mean ball gown.

5. What fashion advice do you have for people who want to wear loose-fitting clothes (the so-called "eating pants") to Thanksgiving dinner but still look fashionable? Can that be accomplished? It most certainly can. Just don't wear pants. Throw on a loose-fitting dress, belt it at the waist, and covertly work through your belt notches as the meal goes on. Under no circumstances are elastic-waist pants acceptable.

6. Weddings are notorious for having bad food. Is that changing? What kind of interesting/delicious food are you seeing nowadays? It's definitely changing. Many couples are doing food stations now, like a sushi table, meat carving station, mashed potato martini bar, or build-your-own taco table. My favorite trend, however, is the addition of late-night snacks, usually provided at the end of the night. There's nothing better than mini burgers, cookies and milk, or hot dogs after shakin' it on the dance floor.