Metrodome collapse in gingerbread and other "sweet" holiday scenes

Wait 'till you see this recreated in cookie dough!

Wait 'till you see this recreated in cookie dough!

A historic event isn't truly a cultural touchstone until it's a muse for artists. The Metrodome collapse has already achieved such status, having been sculpted in the tastiest architectural medium: gingerbread.

Check out the deflated Mall of America stadium as well as four of our other favorite holiday gingerbread houses:


The gummi bears decamp to TCF stadium for Monday night's game.

An edible version of Snoopy's iconic doghouse.

This elaborate underwater seascape has a gingerbread castle fit for the Little Mermaid and her prince.

Who had the patience to shingle that roof?


Every kid's fantasy: life-size gingerbread digs.