Meta-hattan at Bluestem Bar: Take matters into your own hands with this drink of the week

Customization is key: DIY for a more perfect Manhattan.
Customization is key: DIY for a more perfect Manhattan.

Meta-hattan Bluestem Bar $12

The modern drinker is doing it for herself: home brew, basement stills, DIY bitters. A drink you build barside from neatly poured individual elements you can sample, mix, and match? Right up your freshly made over and upcycled alley. Industrious imbiber, satisfy your need to see a project from start to finish with the Meta-hattan, a deconstructed, build-your-own Manhattan from the newly launched cocktail program at Bluestem Bar.

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The Meta-hattan, pulled apart and put back together again.
The Meta-hattan, pulled apart and put back together again.

Put that go-getter spirit to work, and get to work on some spirits, all presented in a handy three compartment sake board with an empty rocks glass at the ready. First, the whiskey: in our case we were treated to a few fingers worth of High West Double Rye in the absence of Bluestem's usual liquor of choice for this cocktail. The second glass is filled with part sweet vermouth and part dry, making this a "perfect" Manhattan in more ways than one. For the bitters, the third glass holds a beguiling combination of absinthe with a healthy helping of Angostura, ready to add depth and complexity to your concoction.

Barkeep Ian recommends sampling a bit of each pour before creating the finished product, the better to understand the inner workings of your deconstructed Manhattan and what makes it tick. This is a fun experiment for those of us without full bars at our fingertips to play with. Curious mind satisfied, dump 'em all together over a pretty carved block of ice and take your reward for a hard few minutes of work. Sip your Meta-hattan with the gusto normally reserved for rehabbed dumpster dive treasures or anything made in, of, or around a mason jar. Your reconstructed cocktail is better than the sum of its parts and "hand-made" by you.

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