Merwin Liquors contest giving away $2,500 worth of Surly [VIDEO]

A bunch of little groupie bitches.
A bunch of little groupie bitches.

Piggy-backing on the Surly "price gouging" debate from earlier this fall, Merwin Liquors is taking the opportunity to point out that not only did it sell Surly Darkness for less, they're now just giving it away.

The winner of a new fan video contest will take home $2,500 worth of Surly, or roughly 40 cases.

"You were treated like little groupie bitches!" screams a coach character at a group of Surly lovers in the announcement video.

Back in November, Surdyk's got in hot water with Surly fans for selling bottles of limited-edition Darkness for $36.99, roughly twice that of other liquor stores. Surly Nation fans called foul, Surdyk's called free market, and the fight was on (the liquor store still sold out lightning quick).

Seizing on the opportunity to brand itself the Surly Nation-friendly liquor store, Merwin's Louis Dachis dreamed up the fan video contest. Entries must be less than two minutes long and in some way incorporate the phrase, "Get Surly at Merwin's."

Here's the pitch (with an appearance by Sarah Johnson bandmate and Merwin's employee Tyler Peterson):

"We wanted to have a little fun with that," Dachis says of the price-gouging hoopla.

There are few restrictions on the entries--performers can't be drunk, racist, or doing anything dangerous. As it says in the contest rules, "Have fun, but don't be an idiot."

The deadline is Valentine's Day, and the winner will be announced on March 1. Dachis adds that even though it's a Surly-centric campaign, the winner will actually get $2,500 good for anything at Merwin's. That's definitely enough scratch for a very merry St. Patrick's Day.

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