Meritage's Harvest Pumpkin Soup: Get it while it's hot

Uncap the tureen to taste Meritage's Harvest Pumpkin Soup
Uncap the tureen to taste Meritage's Harvest Pumpkin Soup

 Back for it's seasonal performance, Meritage's Harvest Pumpkin Soup is a bowlful of flavor. And gingerbread croutons. And spiced creme fraiche. It's hearty, rich, and interesting, and ladled into a slightly ironic yet charming pumpkin-shaped tureen-for-one.

This isn't just another bowl of soup. Here's why.

The soup's genealogy comes directly from chef Russell Klein's mother's recipe collection and perfected with Meritage's imprimatur. The pumpkin is not spooned out of a Festal can but comes from tiny, tender, sweet pie pumpkins raised for Meritage by Riverbend Farms in Delano. The savory and sweet gingerbread croutons would never have made it from oven to soup in a home kitchen: They would have been snarfed down en route.

The finishing stroke is the pumpkin bowl. Uncap it and your nose will tell you that a bowl of this soup is the smartest $8 you are going to spend this fall. It's really good stuff.

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