Mercy gets spicy with new 'Tuesday Taco Takeover' series

Pictured: Crossing the Border, a mezcal-based drink made with pico de gallo.

Pictured: Crossing the Border, a mezcal-based drink made with pico de gallo. Instagram / Mercy

When was the last time you and your buds celebrated Taco Tuesday? 

If it’s been a while, Mercy Bar and Dining Room, downtown Minneapolis’ finest den of edible and drinkable frippery, is giving you a good excuse to hop back on that palomino. 

Mercy’s executive chef Gustavo Romero helms a new, themed night of fun each week in the bar and restaurant’s speakeasy section, the Library Lounge. Mercy is calling these “Tuesday Taco Takeovers” (of course). 

In chef Romero’s capable hands, the tacos soar… not to mention help the week pass a bit more pleasantly. 

Using heirloom corn direct from Mexico, chef Romero crafts house-made tortillas, hand-grinding the corn to make tortillas for the specialty tacos. Four variations are available: a seasonal fried fish, chipotle chicken, pork confit, and steak, all available a la carte and uncoursed. Supplementing these are a “Latin-inspired soup,” quesadillas, and an assortment of vegetable sides, many of which are drawn from Romero’s own family recipes. 

But, as with all nights at Mercy, it’s just as much about your liquid experience as your solids. The “Takeover” here translates to the capable and knowledgeable bar staff, too. The types of thematic drinks our Dolt-in-Chief would hate reign supreme. One standout is their Crossing the Border, a mezcal-based cocktail designed with pico de gallo as one of its ingredients. Beyond that, a unique selection of margaritas is available thanks to a Herradura Double Reposado barrel available only at Mercy.

Space in the Library Lounge is limited, so maybe plan ahead and get there early? Snuggling into a sunny drink and bright flavors sounds better by the second. Heck, maybe even make a reservation if you’re feeling particularly frisky…

Mercy Bar and Dining Room
901 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis