Men's Health nominates the Gopher Bar for "Manliest Restaurant in America"

Is this the Manliest Restaurant in America?

Is this the Manliest Restaurant in America?

In between advising readers on how to "Lose Your Gut" and get "Amazing Abs!", Men's Health magazine has taken on a new quest: To find the country's "Manliest Restaurant."

To do so, they've nominated several standouts and put them up for a vote, including St. Paul's famous Gopher Bar, selected for its, "Coney Island hot dogs slathered with meat sauce, cheap pitchers of beer, and their curt slogan: 'Sit down, shut up and wait your f*cking turn.'"


It's an interesting perception of contemporary manhood at its finest: Drinking like a fish in a bar named after a rodent and then chowing down on a wiener.

If you think the Gopher qualifies as the country's "Manliest Restaurant," vote here. Then hit the dive bar for some fries ... or better yet, follow the magazine's recipe for a "healthier alternative" of baked potato strips. Got to maintain the six-pack, right?

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