Men's Fitness ranks Minneapolis second fittest city


Even though we like to drink our faces off, possess 44 percent more pizza places than other ranked cities and eat ice cream with weirdly impressive gusto (scoring an overall F+ in the Junk Food category), Minneapolis somehow squeaked in to second place in Men's Fitness rankings of the fittest U.S. cities.

Maybe it's from working off all the dough and dairy. We earned A's in "Fitness Centers & Sporting Goods," "City Rec Facilities," "Sports Participation," and "Motivation," and an A- in "Overweight/Sedentary" (take that, Anna Wintour!). Props definitely go to Mayor Rybak, who participates in like every major local sporting event -- the mag gave the city another A in the "Mayor and City Initiatives" category.

Who's fitter than us? Colorado Springs.