Mendoberri: Coming Soon

Sage Wine Bar and Market in Mendota Heights (owned by the Kowalski family) is being sold to chef Robert Ulrich, who was executive chef at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis in the '90s and is now living in Washington D.C. Ulrich plans to turn the space into a full-service restaurant and bar, according to the Pioneer Press.

Ulrich told the paper that the new name, Mendoberri, combines "Mendo" for Mendota and "berri" to stand for wholesomeness and freshness. (Uh, is it just us or does Mendoberri sound like a doll pal of Strawberry Shortcake?) The space will also have a deli for takeout fare, which he wants to call Mendo-to-go. Ulrich hopes to have both aspects up and running by Labor Day.

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