Melch's Meat Wagon, a carnivorous big bite

Meat fans: look for the big, red bull
Meat fans: look for the big, red bull
Joy Summers

Notice the sign proclaiming, "burgers, sandwiches, salad." Melch's Meat Wagon isn't aiming for the veg-obsessed or flexitarians. This truck is here to woo the carnivores. Anyone craving a fat, juicy burger topped with all the accoutrements will be happy to find this bull-adorned mobile business.

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On the day we visited the line was mainly of the manly sort, a few likely ordering bacon-topped burgers with a side of Lipitor. You can get your burger stuffed with cheese, topped with fried chicken (yep), and cowboy-style with an onion ring and barbecue sauce. Each box left the wagon weighted with delicious fried goodies. They serve burgers, pork patties, and a breaded, fried chicken sandwich. On rare occasions, they also serve a special: Donta's chicken and waffles.

Not your mama's fried chicken
Not your mama's fried chicken
Joy Summers

The boneless hunks of chicken are battered, fried, and tossed in a spicy Buffalo sauce. They are then laid upon a bed of wild rice-studded waffle and served with a side of blue cheese syrup. The whole thing is delightfully wrong. The waffle shouldn't be so tender with those whole grains. Plus, you read that correctly, blue cheese syrup. It's seven kinds of wrong. It tastes like aged blue cheese, confectioner's sugar, and a dash of Aunt Jemima. Somehow -- some bizarre way -- it's delicious. The extra crispy brown chicken, hot sauce, and this oddly sweet, cheesy sauce is awesome. It would likely banish a hangover, cure even the most tenacious case of munchies, and quell hunger for days.

The team behind Melch's jokes about saving plants by not eating vegetables and reminds fans to Please Eat Tasty Animals, but they aren't kidding around about this food. Sure it's hearty, a little greasy, but every so often, it's just what you didn't know you needed. Call it a guilty pleasure. We won't judge.

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