Meet the Twin Cities teen behind a new LGBTQ rights bakery: It Gets Batter

Bob the Drag Queen, Lily, and her It Gets Batter's chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.

Bob the Drag Queen, Lily, and her It Gets Batter's chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Provided

RuPaul's Drag Race has already blessed us with so much.

The catchphrase "Good luck... and don't fuck it up." Every single video Trixie and Katya have made togetherThis GIF.

But beneath its sequined surface, there's always been a broader message of love and acceptance woven into every catchprase and catwalk. And that message wasn't lost on a local eighth-grader named Lily, who cites the show as the inspiration for her new LGBTQ+ rights bakery: It Gets Batter.

Lily's no stranger to volunteering. Her family is involved with the Sheridan Story, a Roseville-based nonprofit that works to combat hunger, and once a month her school does assorted charity work.

"I wanted to start a charity for a while," the 14-year-old tells City Pages. "And lately I've been focusing a lot on LGBTQ rights."

She says she's concerned, like lots of young people, about President Trump's plans to roll back protections for trans and queer folks. It goes beyond her love of Drag Race—Lily has LGBTQ+ family members and friends—and she wanted to find a way to put her newfound love of baking to use for good.

With help from her dad, she started laying the groundwork for her bakery this fall. The name "It Gets Batter" is a riff on Dan Savage's LGBTQ+ youth support nonprofit It Gets Better (an act of punnery that would undoubtedly impress Ru herself). The profits from It Gets Batter benefit LGBTQ+ charities. 

Lily eventually presented the idea at her school, where the concept resonated. Parents of classmates became her first customers. 

We're really big on telling people to get out and vote, to show up and make a statement at the polls. Which is great... unless you're in eighth grade. 

"I can't vote," Lily says simply, "so this was my outlet to being able to do my part in helping people."

You can order It Gets Batter baked goods online, and Lily will deliver your treats to you, wherever you are.