Meatball Emergency, another ambulance-centered food truck, launches Kickstarter

Here in Minnesota, we approach each meal with a sense of urgency. So too does Meatball Emergency, this year's second local Kickstarter project centered on turning an ambulance into a food truck.

"We were looking at food trucks on Craigslist and [ambulances] came up. There were a couple of them, so then we started thinking about how cool it would be to have a food truck as an ambulance," Kelsey Lampert, the creator of Meatball Emergency, says.

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The last ambulance-turned-food-truck project, 91Waffle, made $450 of it's $17,000 goal. Lampert is asking for $15,683 to pay for a logo for the ambulance, water tanks and pumps, food warmers, stainless steel outfitting, a refrigerator, shelving, and, interestingly enough, Kickstarter fees. So far, $25 has been pledged. If you have a dire craving for unique meatballs served out of an old ambulance, you still have 23 days to donate. Prizes for donating include t-shirts, meatball parties, and Meatball Emergency stickers. Lampert plans to open the food truck regardless of whether the campaign is successful, but says it will take more time if she doesn't reach her goal amount.

Lampert already owns the ambulance, which she says was the first in Granada, Minnesota. Her primary objective is to get her commissary up and running.

"What's a commissary?" she asks in her Kickstarter video. "Well, it's a kitchen for me to produce my lovely little balls."

Lampert currently specializes in 15 different varieties of meatballs and plans to feature them on a rotating schedule, offering three options per week. Recipes include "basically anything that can come on a hamburger, so like beef stroganoff, taco meatballs, chili meatballs, stuff like that," she says. She also plans to offer a soup of the week, soda, and chips.

Meatball Emergency will primarily serve Anoka County.

"I'm really focusing on Anoka County because we don't have any food trucks, so I thought it would be cool to bring that experience up to the northern suburbs," she says.

For more information, visit the Meatball Emergency Kickstarter page.

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