McDonald's planned at Louvre raising some hackles

Even though the French are second only to U.S. consumers in how much they like their chicken McNuggets, that doesn't necessarily mean they want the fast food giant encroaching on their art. McDonald's plan to open a restaurant in the basement of the Louvre art museum in Paris has provoked some major grumping.

NPR quotes a French art journal editor in opposition to Big Macs (and perhaps Royales with Cheese?) being served within shouting distance of the Mona Lisa:

They say, "Oh, it's going to be a very high-level McDonald's. I don't know what is a 'high-level McDonald's! ... It doesn't fit together because I think McDonald's is one of the lowest level of cooking, and Louvre is one of the biggest level in art.

Ah, how bad can it be? What do you think? Let us reminisce:

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