McDonald's parking spot spat leads to senior smackdown


What's the deal with old people holding their coffee klatches at McDonald's? During mid-morning on weekdays, the golden arches in many cities function as the local senior center, likely due to the familiarity of the brand (the franchise was established in the '50s) and watery coffee (has anyone over 65 has been converted to McLattes?).

The the AP/Strib reports that mature customers may be creating as many behavior problems for fast-food eateries as teens: A long-running argument between two oldsters over a prized parking spot in a Colorado McDonald's parking lot has resulted in an assault conviction. Last week, 52-year-old Vernon Brandt of Loveland was convicted of felony third-degree assault fight that took place with 85-year-old Richard Albers in 2008.

Here's the description of the encounter:

On the day of the assault, Albers walked up to Brandt's truck because Brandt was blocking the spot Albers has been using almost every morning for 16 years. Albers tapped on Brandt's door, and Brandt then swung open his truck door, knocking Albers to the ground. Brandt then allegedly got out of his car, grabbed Albers and threatened to fight him. Prosecutors said the men had argued over the spot before.

These guys need to get a little perspective--and maybe switch to decaf.