McDonalds now offers McWeddings

If spending Valentine's Day at White Castle is your idea of a romantic night out, then the latest announcement from McDonald's is right up your alley: you can now get a heaping helping of married at the chain's locations in Hong Kong.

According to Helen Cheung, director of corporate communications for McDonald's Hong Kong, who spoke to the South China Morning Post, the addition of McWeddings is due to popular demand.

Over the past two years, we've started receiving calls from people who want to have a wedding party in our restaurants. There are about 10 calls a month.

So what does a McWedding entail? For between $250-$375 you and your guests get a meal, a cake (hell yes it can be a towering "cake" made of cheeseburgers) and gifts. The downside? The restaurant doesn't shut down for your special day; business carries on as usual while you say your I dos.

But why go with a chain when there are plenty of local eateries that could offer a unique nuptial experience? Book Al's Breakfast and you automatically limit your guest list to the number of stools--14--that line the slim counter. Choose a Wednesday wedding at the Triple Rock and you and your guests can partake in their weekly free bacon night. Or why not get hitched at Galactic Pizza and have Captain Awesome give you away?

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